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I have been taking a break from blogging, well from the internet in general. I have been overly exhausted and unable to keep up with the daily chores around me, therefore I cut out the internet. I occasionally check my email and pop on to facebook, but that is it.

Things that I have been doing instead of those chores and spending countless amounts of time online: playing with my daughter! It has been such a joy to watch her develop and grow. She is able to actually play and problem solve and interact. It has been my joy to stop everything and smile, giggle and play like a kid with my kid.

I have hundreds of ideas for posts, from recipes to tips to craft projects. But none of them have any importance compared to just being with my daughter. So, I don’t foresee much blogging in my future. I don’t think you’ll mind too much!

p.s. Now I want a Kit Kat!


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What is so great about Flax Seed Meal? Why should we eat it as meal and not as seeds? What do we do with the stuff any way? That is exactly what I am about to tell you!

First of all this stuff is packed with nutrition. It has carbs, protein, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. It also has vitamin B6, vitamin E, folic acid, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus! This stuff is amazing. Out of all of those, the omega-3 fatty acid makes it quite amazing. More and more research is uncovering the amazing effects of omega-3 fatty acid. It has been shown to aid in heart health. The benefits of omega-3 fatty acid are innumerable!

If you eat a whole flax seed, it will come out the other end as a whole flax seed! Leaving you with none of its nutrition! That is why it is important to eat it as a round meal. You can purchase it ground already, or you can save some pennies and grind it yourself in a coffee grinder. To keep all the nutrients in tact store what is not being used in the fridge or freezer, and don’t grind more than you will use in 3 months time.

How should you use it? The possibilities are endless. It is recommended to have 1 to 3 tablespoons a day. The most common uses are to sprinkle it into smoothies or over oatmeal. But it can also be used in baking. It can partially or completely substitute as the fat needed, but extra moisture will need to be added as flax is very absorbent and will dry out your baked goods. I do not have this substitution down to an exact science, I am still experimenting with how much to use in each recipe. I use it often in waffles and muffins.

The Flax Cookbook by Elaine Magee is an excellent resource. This book explains the benefits of flax, from the diseases that it wards off to the nutrients that are so rich within it. It also gives loads of recipes! Some of the sections are: muffins, smoothies, bread, power bars, entrees, and desserts. I checked this book out from our library and have loved all of the information and recipes I have obtained!

So, flax it up!

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