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You can actually buy them for only a dollar! You have to ask because they are behind the counter. When we went to get ours Wednesday night they were actually out of the cheap ones and only had one more of the $6 package which contained two tests. The cashier said it was a very popular item that day. Why did we buy a pregnancy test you are asking. Well, after 18 months of having no “special time of the month” it came and passed. Then 6 weeks later, here we are with nothing. I don’t feel any different. So we thought “well it is because I am still nursing I am not regular.” Then our friends convinced us to get a test since they are only a dollar, so we did, although we paid 6 times that! What happened when we got home? Well I fed Adeline and put her to sleep and then I peed on the stick and this is what happened:

It happened instantly there was no 2 minute delay like the box said their might be. We were and still are overjoyed! (If you know nothing about pregnancy tests, this means we are pregnant!) We were hoping to get pregnant to have our babies close in age. We hugged, I jumped around, and then we prayed.

At first I could think of no words other than “thank you!” then I realized there was much more on my heart. I began to pray about my desire for a natural birth and not a c-section as my last child was. I know childbirth is a “curse” but it is also a huge blessing, at least from everything that I have read and every one of the accounts that I have heard of my friends’ experiences. God knows what is best for us. If the c-section is what will bring a healthy baby and healthy mom that is what I want. However, selfishly, it is not at all what I want. I will have to surrender this to the Lord often. I don’t want to become obsessed with this issue. I need to become educated but I need to keep things in perspective. I will continue to pray. You could pray for me too.

P.S. Sorry to all of you we did not tell in person. We told mostly family over the phone, but we want to shout it from the roof tops! So, please accept our apology and feel free to spread the word.


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Silent Night

That has been the song of our house since Thanksgiving. It is the song that puts Little Miss to sleep. I have become so effective with my humming of “Silent Night” that I am able to put others around me to sleep without them even realizing it!

It is also a song of wishful thinking. I long for a silent night. A full night of sleep! CIO, also known as Cry It Out, is not a solution for us. Others have used it successfully and I am happy for their full night of rest. However, my little girl is a little more complicated than that. She has gas. (That made me chuckle, but it is true) She has bad gas. And by bad gas I mean she has a very hard getting it out. We tried gas drops with no success. The cause of the gas is my over active production of milk. She gets too much milk all at once causing part of it to bypass digestion giving her symptoms of lactose intolerance, gas. But I can’t stop nursing her, it is still her favorite activity and one of mine too. I think we would both rather suffer through the gas and several night wakings than give up the nursing just yet.

So for now Silent Night is only a song that we sing, a distant memory, and a hopeful future.

“Silent Night….All is Calm….Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Sleep in Heavenly Peace”

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