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I don’t know. And, I am such a slacker that I am not even going to look it up! Teaching myself French has been a challenge. I have been using books that I found at a used bookstore: an old grammar text book, a dictionary, and a verb book. So, it has pretty much been on the fly. Finding time to learn has also been a challenge with a Little Miss demanding my full attention a majority of the day and chores demanding the rest of it! But, I was determined to persevere. I want my children to be taught a second language with ease. However, pregnancy changes a lot of things. I am exhausted! I mean really, sleep is what I want to do most of the time. By the time I get to the point during the day where I can actually crack open a book, one in a foreign language is just not going to work!

So, au revoir French. Maybe we will meet again in a little while.


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In other words, I am learning French! Want to learn with me?

I have a bit of a foundation with French.  I took French in Middle School and some in High School. Then, my senior year of College I was told I would have to take a French test for 2 years worth of credits of French because of some misunderstandings. So, a friend and I studied three chapters of French a day! By the end of the week we were French Fried! The board finally approved our High School credits and we dumped every ounce of French right out of our heads.

But now that I am a mom, I want my daughter to be able to speak a second language with ease. I would love to teach her Spanish, but with my background in French I sound like and American with a French accent trying to speak Spanish, which would not be beneficial for our Little Miss at all! So, French it is. I got some resources from a used book store, including Nouveau Testament et Psaumes (New Testament and Psalms), I have subscribed to pod casts, that I don’t listen to very often, and I use several internet resources.  The learning process has been slow going, mostly because I spend my time doing many other things!

Here are the phrases for this week:

Pouvez-vous m’aider? Can you help me? (formal)

Tu puex m’aider? Can you help me? (informal)

Bien sûr! Of course!

and the hardest one:

Qu’est-ce que c’est que ça ? What is that?

Well, a plus tard (see you later)!

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