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When I first saw this recipe I was intimidated. I thought it was too long and complicated. It actually took me over a year before I tried it. The first time that I made it I was finished with everything, including cleanup, in less than 15 minutes. Once I was finished I had enjoyed making it so much that I just wanted to do it again. This stuff lasts a long time too. It makes about 2 gallons of laundry soap, and at 1/2 cup per load you wont have to make it very often.

Tools required:

medium saucepan not to be used for preparing food after used to make laundry soap

grater (same rules apply about food)

large spoon (same as above)

3/4 c measuring cup (same as above)


containers to put it in (we use the “party pail” 1 gallon ice cream containers, makes 2 of these)


1/2 bar Ivory soap

3/4 c washing soda (not baking soda!)

3/4 c borax


1. Put 6 c water in the saucepan. Grate the 1/2 bar of soap over the water and heat until the soap dissolves. Add3/4 c washing soda and 3/4 borax. Stir until dissolved.

2. Pour 4 c hot water into a bucket. Add the soap mixture and stir. Add 1 gallon plus 6 c water to the mixture and stir.

3. Pour the mixture, which is completely liquid,  into the containers and seal with the lids.

4. The soap needs to rest over night for 24 hours. It will look  gel like, this is perfect! Make sure to get both liquid and gel substance in every load. Use just 1/2 cup of soap for every load.

This is what it should look like the next day. It smells so great!

Happy washing!


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Here are a few tips on saving some money when doing laundry:

1. Making your own detergent. This is so easy to do, very inexpensive, and makes a ton. The next time I make it (in a few months) I will post the recipe and pictures, for now just do an online search and you will find several different methods.

2. Use cold water for wash and rinse. Over a year this will save a lot in the cost of heating water.

3. Only wash full loads. Seriously, full loads!

4. Hang everything dry, well almost everything. Our sheets are the only thing we don’t hang dry because they are too big to fit on our balcony. We have two folding drying racks that we place on our balcony or, if the weather is bad, set in our living room. They are a little expensive, but the drier is one of the top energy using appliances so it was worth the up front cost. If you have a backyard hang a clothes line and get some good clothes pins.

If you do not have a washer and dryer in your home here are a few tips for you:

1. Check around local laundromats to see if they run specials on certain days of the week. Such as $.50 off double loads on Tuesdays. Then do your laundry on the “special” days.

2. Hang dry, this will save you at least a dollar a load. But, usually the dryers aren’t they great and require a second go round which saves another dollor. (see above for more details)

3. Hand wash. In our last apartment we used a Wonder Wash (counter top crank washing machine) to wash our clothes. We purchased it to wash the cloth diapers so we didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg in laundry every other day. It is simple but does require more time and effort than putting your clothes in a machine and walking away. I will post more on our Wonder Wash another day.

Happy laundering!

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We are poor, that is no secret. But we live rich lives and we have never gone without! One way that we have been provided for in the past two months is through the food bank. Every 2nd Wednesday of the month Living Waters House of Prayer opens its food pantry doors and we head in, stock up, and leave with grateful hearts! Here is what we received this trip:Pop tarts (which I already had one), ground beef, pea pods, granola bars, tomato sauce, onion rings (not pictured), cereal, juice, shaving cream, tooth paste, natural peanut better, corn, peaches, chips, olive oil, soap, garlic salt, and so much more!

Thank you to everyone who has ever donated to a food bank, it really is an amazing gift!

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Here is my totally delicious recipe for Granola. If you are looking for exact measurements, you have come to the wrong place.


Oat Meal (Old Fashioned Oats)


Oil (I used canola oil because it has no flavor and isn’t terrible for you, you could try coconut oil or even sunflower oil)

Sesame seeds


1. Preheat the oven to 350 or 375 (like I said I am not exact and rarely do I make a recipe the same way twice!)

2. Add about 2 cups of oat meal to the mixing bowl and drizzle honey on top until the top is pretty well covered

3. Sprinkle sesame seeds and almonds (I crushed my almonds so that I can use less and have almond in every bite)

4. Drizzle the oil and stir. I try to use as little oil as possible but still coating the oats.

5. Cover my pan with aluminum foil and spray it with non stick spray (this is not essential but it will help with clean up)

6. Spread the mixture on the baking sheet about 1/4 inch thick and pop it in the oven ( I use the toaster oven for so many reasons, but this allows a smaller batch and even cooking)

7. Stir the granola every once in a while for even cooking

8. They are done when they have turned from pale to golden in color, about 15 to 20 minutes

9. Take them out of the oven and allow them to cool before you serve or package them

I eat mine with Kefir and a drizzle of honey.

How do you eat your granola?

P.S. If you really want exact measurements for this post a comment and the next time I make it I will actually measure things out for you!

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