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“Re-do”  is what I call my projects when they were once a useless item and I have transformed them into a practical, needed and pretty item. Today I took a box that came in the mail and transformed it into a green polka-dotted box to hold the cloth diapers that have been sitting on the floor. Here is my documentation of  this Re-do project:

First I cut off the flaps. Then I prepared the fabric by ironing it and making sure that it was the right size. I got out the craft glue and went to town!

Then I carefully placed the fabric on the box, being sure to smooth as I went to insure no pockets or bubbles. I used clothes pins to hold the fabric in place while the glue set.

Continued gluing until all of the surface area was covered and voila!

I like the way that it turned out. Little Miss was trying to help out. She almost got her fingers glued together a few times! This is the box in action:

I love to give things a new purpose! Do you do anything creative with your old boxes?


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