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I have been taking a break from blogging, well from the internet in general. I have been overly exhausted and unable to keep up with the daily chores around me, therefore I cut out the internet. I occasionally check my email and pop on to facebook, but that is it.

Things that I have been doing instead of those chores and spending countless amounts of time online: playing with my daughter! It has been such a joy to watch her develop and grow. She is able to actually play and problem solve and interact. It has been my joy to stop everything and smile, giggle and play like a kid with my kid.

I have hundreds of ideas for posts, from recipes to tips to craft projects. But none of them have any importance compared to just being with my daughter. So, I don’t foresee much blogging in my future. I don’t think you’ll mind too much!

p.s. Now I want a Kit Kat!


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What is so great about Flax Seed Meal? Why should we eat it as meal and not as seeds? What do we do with the stuff any way? That is exactly what I am about to tell you!

First of all this stuff is packed with nutrition. It has carbs, protein, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. It also has vitamin B6, vitamin E, folic acid, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus! This stuff is amazing. Out of all of those, the omega-3 fatty acid makes it quite amazing. More and more research is uncovering the amazing effects of omega-3 fatty acid. It has been shown to aid in heart health. The benefits of omega-3 fatty acid are innumerable!

If you eat a whole flax seed, it will come out the other end as a whole flax seed! Leaving you with none of its nutrition! That is why it is important to eat it as a round meal. You can purchase it ground already, or you can save some pennies and grind it yourself in a coffee grinder. To keep all the nutrients in tact store what is not being used in the fridge or freezer, and don’t grind more than you will use in 3 months time.

How should you use it? The possibilities are endless. It is recommended to have 1 to 3 tablespoons a day. The most common uses are to sprinkle it into smoothies or over oatmeal. But it can also be used in baking. It can partially or completely substitute as the fat needed, but extra moisture will need to be added as flax is very absorbent and will dry out your baked goods. I do not have this substitution down to an exact science, I am still experimenting with how much to use in each recipe. I use it often in waffles and muffins.

The Flax Cookbook by Elaine Magee is an excellent resource. This book explains the benefits of flax, from the diseases that it wards off to the nutrients that are so rich within it. It also gives loads of recipes! Some of the sections are: muffins, smoothies, bread, power bars, entrees, and desserts. I checked this book out from our library and have loved all of the information and recipes I have obtained!

So, flax it up!

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Last night was very….well it was very something! It had some good moments, but mostly not good moments!

The hubby had to work all day and then in the evening. We only got to spend less than one hour as a family in between jobs! Neither Little Miss or I liked this! She cried as he left and crawled to the door. A good thing: when he got home she woke up and cuddled him. It was adorable, the highlight of my night!

As far as dinner went, nothing sounded good. I made some homemade cornbread, it was delicious. I hate half a pan of cornbread and some cantaloupe, probably lacking some keep nutrition in that meal. But at least I enjoyed it and didn’t want to throw it up!

Then we get to bedtime, the most dreadful part of the day. Little Miss actually went down seamlessly, and a half an hour EARLY! She was so tired. But, 20 minutes later: awake and crying. When I went in there she was trying to put her sassy (pacifier) back into her mouth with no success. I helped and laid her back down. She laid down with no trouble and fell asleep. But, this kid is a light sleeper. I stuck around for a few seconds to make sure she was asleep. Her eyes popped open in 3 seconds. We continued this for 45 minutes! I finally got tired of standing/squatting next to the crib so I moved to the bed only a few feet away. She did not approve of this move. She didn’t need to hold me or hear me sing or anything, she just wanted me close. She stood up and let me know how much she did not like the move. But, I stayed because I was too tired to stand/squat next to her for another 45 minutes. After who knows how long, I finally decided that she was not sleeping on her own, so I scooped her up to bring her to our bed where I wouldn’t have to fight her anymore, or at least I could do it laying down.

On the way to our bedroom, I needed to go to the bathroom (which happens A LOT when you are pregnant). So, we made a pit stop. As I go to flush, my lovely daughter drops her night time stuffed animal right into the toilet! YUCK! I was so upset. I grabbed it out and threw it in the sink (where it still remains) to be cleaned later.

Once we finally made it to the bed, it took over an hour of wiggling and rolling for sleep to actually come to that beautiful little girl. It was so exhausting. Then she slept for less than one hour and woke up SCREAMING. I mean she was letting me know that she was unhappy. At this point it is only 10. She wanted to be nursed, but I am trying to cut down the night time nursing. Because 5 times a night is just too much for this preggo. What happened next? We both balled our eyes out. My crying actually had a bit of a calming effect, but not for long. I finally gave in after 15 minutes of holding her and sobbing. She ate and fall asleep happy soon after.

Hubby came home and I was able to share our evening’s events. When we went into bed our little girl woke up and cuddled with her papa. It was adorable! Then, she refused sleep again. And screamed and wiggled and kicked. And then tooted! twice, really big! It is so hard to tell when she is acting fussy because she wants us, doesn’t want to go to sleep, or has painful gas. I really cannot wait until she is talking!

Here is hoping that tonight goes better!

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You can actually buy them for only a dollar! You have to ask because they are behind the counter. When we went to get ours Wednesday night they were actually out of the cheap ones and only had one more of the $6 package which contained two tests. The cashier said it was a very popular item that day. Why did we buy a pregnancy test you are asking. Well, after 18 months of having no “special time of the month” it came and passed. Then 6 weeks later, here we are with nothing. I don’t feel any different. So we thought “well it is because I am still nursing I am not regular.” Then our friends convinced us to get a test since they are only a dollar, so we did, although we paid 6 times that! What happened when we got home? Well I fed Adeline and put her to sleep and then I peed on the stick and this is what happened:

It happened instantly there was no 2 minute delay like the box said their might be. We were and still are overjoyed! (If you know nothing about pregnancy tests, this means we are pregnant!) We were hoping to get pregnant to have our babies close in age. We hugged, I jumped around, and then we prayed.

At first I could think of no words other than “thank you!” then I realized there was much more on my heart. I began to pray about my desire for a natural birth and not a c-section as my last child was. I know childbirth is a “curse” but it is also a huge blessing, at least from everything that I have read and every one of the accounts that I have heard of my friends’ experiences. God knows what is best for us. If the c-section is what will bring a healthy baby and healthy mom that is what I want. However, selfishly, it is not at all what I want. I will have to surrender this to the Lord often. I don’t want to become obsessed with this issue. I need to become educated but I need to keep things in perspective. I will continue to pray. You could pray for me too.

P.S. Sorry to all of you we did not tell in person. We told mostly family over the phone, but we want to shout it from the roof tops! So, please accept our apology and feel free to spread the word.

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To Do:

Usually I am oober organized about my coming week. I have my menu for each day written and the tasks that I want to accomplish in a nice and orderly to do list. This week is a big “?” Hubby starts his new job tomorrow and he is biking to work. Which means Little Miss and I will have a car, the possibilities are now endless! The menu this week is left overs, meals that I have made and then froze, and anything that we can scrounge together. We are trying to stretch the times in between grocery visits, and this is the week of stretching!

So this is my disorganized, random, “might happen list” rather than my “must do list”

1. hem hubby’s new jeans (which were free)

2. make a meal in my new pressure cooker (garage sale find)

3. finish baby gift for a dear friend (pictures will be posted soon)

4. go swimming (it way too hot not to)

I am sure that as soon as I finish posting this I will realize all of the things that I need to add to my to do list, because that is way too short! I will keep you posted with my new creations from crafts to food and share pictures of them as the week progresses.

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